Saturday, July 6, 2013

July FAIR Treasure Review

July's FAIR Treasure box contained another gorgeous set of items.  This subscription service will send you a package of ethically sourced goodies for $30 a month; for more information you can check out their website.

The first item that caught my eye when I opened the box was the card because I love birds.  Then my eyes made their way down to the necklace and I thought, "pretty!"  Overall, this box was just as great as June's for me because all of the items were right up my alley.

This dainty Blooming Bud Vase by Crisil Srl. measures about 3.25" high.  Crisil Srl. is a family-owned business based in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  They take recycled glass collected from local garbage dumps by other small businesses, clean it, and melt it down to produce beautiful creations like this vase.  Employment at Crisil Srl. creates a valuable source of income for the some of the poorest people in the region.

I love this necklace!  I've been really into turquoise recently, and I love it paired with gold.  This necklace is interesting because it also has silver elements in the chains at the bottom.  It's called the Garden Party Necklace and is by Mata Traders.  I was already familiar with Mata Traders through Little Black Bag, and I'm very happy with the one other necklace I own by them.  Jewelry for Mata Traders is sourced by a large NGO that is a leading advocate for marginalized and exploited artists.  Under their guidance, artisans in North India set up their own cooperatives and produce jewelry to sell in domestic and international markets. The NGO ensures that their workers receive living wages, safe working conditions, and that no child laborers are used to produce their jewelry.

My last item is the Birds of a Feather Card by Jirmit Papyrus Group.  I absolutely love the design, not only because it features birds but because the colors are so bright.  Jirmit Papyrus Group is a registered fair trade organization that aims to create jobs for the unemployed young people in the town of Mallawi, Egypt.  Artisans with this workshop also make bookmarks and other art on authentic Egyptian papyrus.

Bottom Line: This was another fantastic box from FAIR Treasure!  I highly recommend this service.  $30 is a great price for these handmade items, and it's even better to know that the money is going to help support fair trade companies.

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by FAIR Treasure.

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