Sunday, June 2, 2013

April Little Black Bag (Bag 2 of 2)

I opened two Little Black Bags in April, and I'm finally posting what I received in my second bag.  I think the trading for this bag went pretty well and I was happy with all of the items I got.  To see what I got in my first April bag, click here.

I received five items total in this bag and I think it cost me around $34 after tax and shipping.  I'm so glad that LBB is no longer charging sales tax for NYS customers, so now my bags will be a little bit cheaper!

  • MMS Design Studio Striped Crossbody ($30) - I love this little bag!  I opened with it and traded it away, but then I decided I wanted it back so I offered the same multi I had taken on it and was able to get it back again.  There was also a blue and white version that I think was more popular, but I liked the colors on this one better.  It's the perfect summer crossbody.
  • Melie Bianco Eyeglasses Wristlet ($14) - These debuted in the gallery the day I was closing my bag and I was luckily able to grab one.  There was also a pink key and a green key design, but I like the glasses one.  The retail on this was only $14, and it's a pretty big wristlet considering that price.
  • Mata Traders Macrame Necklace ($26) - I love this necklace!  I wasn't sure if I was going to like it in person, but it's beautiful.  It's handmade and fair-trade, which is even better.  I originally had the pink/coral one but someone accepted my trade for the turquoise one on my last day of trading.
  • All The Rage Triangle Necklace ($16) - I like that this necklace is a little bit edgy but dainty at the same time.  There was a blue/turquoise version but I liked this pink and red one better.
  • Carol Dauplaise Fringe Hoop Earrings ($18) - I had been wanting these earrings for a while but I ended up returning them for an exchange credit because the stones were too big.  The design was really interesting and I liked the colors, they were just too clunky for my personal tastes.  Plus I wanted to see how the new exchange system worked.

The total retail value of my bag was $104, and $86 after I returned the earrings.  I'm happy with that, considering I only paid $34 for it all!  I have a May bag on its way, so keep an eye out for a review for that, too.

For more photos of my items, click the "read more."

Melie Bianco Eyeglasses Wristlet

Mata Traders Macrame Necklace

Carol Dauplaise Fringe Hoop Earrings

All The Rage Triangle Necklace

MMS Design Studio Striped Crossbody

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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