Friday, July 26, 2013

RocksBox #4 Review

I'm currently on my sixth RocksBox, but it's taken me so long to post my reviews for the fourth and fifth boxes because they really weren't anything special.  For continuity's sake, though, I figured it would be best to write up a quick review for both.

I'll start with my favorite piece from the box, which was this necklace by Gorjana.  I didn't write down the names of the pieces before sending the box back, oops.  I've seen bar necklaces like this around and I wanted to get one, so I'm glad that I was able to try one through RocksBox because I actually didn't care for it once I had it on.  This was similar to all of the ones I've seen out and about, and I realized that the chain is just too short and I prefer longer necklaces.

I don't remember anything about these earrings, and RocksBox doesn't keep lists of the past items you've received so I have no idea what these were called or who the designer was.  I wanted to like them but they ended up being too big for me.  I just felt like they looked ridiculous regardless of what I wore them with because I just don't usually rock giant earrings.

This is the worst review post of all time because I also don't remember the name of this bracelet!  I do know that it was by CC Skye, though, because it's imprinted on the inside of the cuff in the photo above.  I wanted to like this one, too, but I didn't.  First, and most importantly, it was in terrible condition!  The clasp was dirty and really worn, and I think that RocksBox should have pulled this from their rotation.  I can't imagine anyone wanting to purchase it because it was in pretty rough shape (more photos below).  I thought that this cuff looked cool when I opened the box, but once I put it on it just seemed awkward and I didn't like how the chain part just hung down (it felt weird on my wrist).

Bottom Line: This box was a bust for me.  I thought I would like these styles, but I didn't.  It was also the fourth box in a row where they sent me all gold jewelry, even though I had specified in my profile that I wanted a mixture of silver and gold.

*Disclaimer: I received a free six-month membership to RocksBox through the iFabbo Shop.  I was not monetarily compensated for this post.

More photos of my items are after the "read more."

See how gross the clasp looks?  Well, not the clasp itself, but the part where the cuff comes together.


  1. Reading your reviews of rocksbox is why i am on the fence with subscribing from them!

    1. I think RocksBox is a really fun subscription, unfortunately it was just hit-or-miss with me. They never seemed to get my style quite right, even after I updated my style profile. Check out some reviews on other blogs though, they may have had better luck than me!


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