Monday, September 9, 2013

Cardinal Timothy Dolan and "Praying in Rome"

I don't usually post about books, but when this opportunity came along from Blogging For Books, it piqued my interest.  Cardinal Timothy Dolan was recently on The Colbert Report, a show that I don't personally watch but I know is popular with a lot of people.  I'm a practicing Catholic, and my faith is always evolving.  I know not everyone agrees with the church's stance on a lot of things, but I believe that religion is deeply personal, and that identifying with a sect doesn't necessarily mean you agree with every single decree.

That being said, I watched some of Cardinal Dolan's appearance and I liked that he was good humored and entertaining.  I think it shows that religion doesn't always have to be stiff and serious.  You can watch his interview below:

Praying in Rome contains Cardinal Dolan's personal reflections on his time in the Conclave that elected Pope Francis earlier this year and is available in e-book form.  You can purchase a copy at the Image Books website.

*Disclaimer: I received a free book in exchange for this post, sponsored by Blogging For Books.  I was not monetarily compensated.

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