Monday, September 9, 2013

September FAIR Treasure Review

I was pleasantly surprised when FAIR Treasure sent me a September box to review.  I was yet again impressed by their array of ethically sourced goodies!

I was really excited to see another piece of jewelry when I first opened the box, and I also love the little brown boxes they include because opening them up is like getting a second little surprise.  FAIR Treasure does an excellent job of giving background information on the people that created the items; it's wonderful to see what types of organizations are being supported.

The first item I received was the Mata Traders Chevron Necklace.  Mata Traders is quickly becoming one of my favorite jewelry brands, and this necklace was familiar to me (I've seen it before on Little Black Bag).  Gold jewelry is my favorite, and I love the chevron design and long chain.  I'm going to wear it tomorrow!  Mata Traders is based in India, and their jewelry is sourced by a large NGO that is a leading advocate for marginalized and exploited artisans.  They ensure that their workers receive living wages and safe working conditions, and they also guarantee that no child labor was used to produce their products.

The second item I pulled from the box was these beautifully colored Elephant Gift Cards by Indika Imports.  When I read "gift cards" I was thinking more of a stationery-type card you could write a message on, but these are actually gift tags (as you can see from the insert that was attached with them).  They are absolutely gorgeous and I almost don't want to part with them!  They're definitely big enough that you could write a short message if you wanted to (3.25" x 2"), and there were ten in the pack.  Indika Imports is also based in India, and they partner with several artisan organizations around the country to create employment opportunities.  They're focused on keeping traditional skills alive while raising ecological awareness and self-sustainability.

Last, but not least, is the Acacia Creations Olive Wood Pinch Pot.  I have to admit, I wasn't quite sure what to use this for when I took it out of the box.  Upon further investigation I learned that the term "pinch pot" refers to the way in which it's made, not how to use it.  I'm not entirely sure how this was pinched, since it's wood and not clay, but I'm not too concerned with the logistics.  What I do know is that this little bowl and spoon set is beautifully crafted and I can definitely make good use of it.  Acacia Creations is based in Kenya, and this pot was created by a man named Mutuku and his team.  They cover large areas to collect fallen wood, which they then turn into these beautifully hand-carved bowls.  This organization creates jobs, provides training, and gives back to the community through healthcare and education initiatives, from their studio in Nairobi to all across East Africa.

Bottom Line: FAIR Treasure has continuously sent me beautiful, fair-trade items.  I highly recommend this box, and I think that anyone who is interested in learning more about fair trade initiatives and new companies to support would be delighted by the treasures each month!

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