Friday, May 2, 2014

March Little Black Bag Review (Bag #2)

I ordered two Little Black Bags in March (the first of which I wrote about here), and I'm finally getting around to writing the review for the second one!

This bag cost me $55.90, and since trading was so bad I didn't end up with anything too great.  I liked the items, but there wasn't anything I was too crazy about.  My main item was the Olivia + Joy Carlyle Double Handle Satchel.  I put it offers on a bunch of different bags but no one was accepting, until finally I was able to get this one.  It's a cute bag, but I ended up selling it on eBay because I didn't love it and it was just taking up space.

As you can see, including the bag I only was able to get four items total.

  • all the rage Elephant Stone Necklace - This necklace was released on one of my final few days of trading and I never thought I'd be able to get it, but someone actually traded with me!  I love it.  It's so cute and goes well with a shirt I got from Golden Tote.
  • Archipelago Botanicals Paramour Candle - I wanted to try one of these candles because they'd been on the site for a while and I am a candle fanatic.  I was particularly interested in this one because I liked the scent notes (pomegranate, papaya, and mango), but it doesn't smell as nice as I was hoping.  It doesn't smell bad, it just smells really artificial.  Jo from The Little Dandy said that it kind of smelled like a bathroom air freshener in her review, and she's totally right!
  • Michael Marcus Eyeshadow in Seductive - Trading was really bad.  I like brown eyeshadows, but I wasn't excited to get this.  I haven't used it yet because I think I might try to swap it in the future (plus I already have a ton of neutral shadows and it would be pointless to open up another one).  A photo of what the color looks like is below.

Bottom Line: Overall, this wasn't the greatest Little Black Bag I've ever gotten.  I do really love the necklace, but everything else was just so-so.  I purchased two more bags after this one that were much better, and I'll be posting a review for those soon!

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.


  1. I just received my first box, but they shipped someone else's order to me :( I am hoping that with this change over to Pose that I won't have trouble getting the items that I bought.

    1. Oh no that's really disappointing, for both you and the person whose stuff you received! Unfortunately this has been happening often and for a while with LBB. The new Pose site will just basically be a place where people can trade/sell items like on eBay, so I'm curious to see how the shipping will work.


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