Thursday, January 29, 2015

Golden Tote Mystery Tote 2015 Review

I love Golden Tote, but I don't always have the funds to buy a tote each month.  When they announced that they were going to do Mystery Totes again this year, though, I knew I had to snatch one up!  They released them last year in January to help clear out stock from the past year, and they're a great deal because you get four items for only $60.

I think the most difficult part of purchasing a Golden Tote is the anticipation of seeing what's inside!  With normal totes I know they hand-select pieces for you based on your style profile, but since the Mystery Totes were randomly selected I thought that it might ship sooner than normal.  It still took a while to ship and get to me, but I'm sure they got tons of orders, so I understand the delay.

There are still some Mystery Totes available in sizes extra small and small.  I purchased a size medium tote and it cost me $67 total after shipping.  I was frantically looking for other peoples' reviews while I waited for my tote because I was curious to see what they were including.  I knew each tote was going to contain a Puella item, but other than that it really could have had anything.  I was getting a little nervous because I wasn't loving what I was seeing with some other reviews, but I ended up liking the pieces in my tote quite a bit.

First up is my favorite item from the tote, this Thread & Supply jacket!  I had really wanted to buy one, but I think they debuted in the $149 tote and at the time I wasn't willing to spend that much.  The fact that I got this jacket alone made the Mystery Tote totally worth it for me.  I can't find it on the Thread & Supply website anymore, but similar styles are priced at around $88 so clearly this was a great deal.  It's just a little bit snug in the shoulders, but it's not heavy enough to wear in the winter here anyway so I'll save it for wearing over lighter clothes in the spring and fall.

You can't tell from these photos, but the jacket also has a hood.  The material (obviously) looks a bit like leather but it's 100% polyester.  Normally I would not think of polyester as stylish, but this doesn't look tacky or outdated at all.

I actually didn't realize that there would be a Puella item in every tote until after I purchased one, but knowing that wouldn't have made me any more or less excited about it.  I know Puella is super popular with Golden Tote members, but I feel pretty neutral about them.  I have gotten some clothes from them in previous totes and they are very well made, they're just not exactly my style.  They're very flowy and loose, and I prefer a more fitted look.  This is a shirt dress and I'm not quite sure how to style it yet because it's so not form-fitting (any suggestions are greatly appreciated!).

This dress is by Skies are Blue and is something that I never would think to even try on if I saw it in stores, but that's what I like about Golden Tote--they send me clothes that I wouldn't usually consider, but end up really liking most of the time.  The pattern is really loud, but I would wear a solid black jacket or cardigan over this to balance it out.  I like wearing dresses to work because they're easy and usually much more comfortable than pants.

I also didn't know that Golden Tote had their own brand, but apparently they do: Cut + Sew by Golden Tote.  I like this top a lot, I think the pattern is cute and I like the bright colors.  It's a crop top which I definitely do not do without a tank top or something else underneath, but it is definitely something I will wear.

Bottom Line: I'm so happy that I purchased a Mystery Tote!  The Thread & Supply jacket is by far my favorite item, but I also like the Cut + Sew top a lot.  The two dresses are not exactly my style, but they will be worn for sure.  I feel like this was a very good deal for $67, it basically means I got each item for only $16.75!

Did you purchase a Mystery Tote?  What did you think of it?

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  1. That jacket is an awesome score! Certainly worth the price for that alone.

    1. Oops so sorry for the late response! But yes, I was soooo glad to get the jacket!


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