Wednesday, January 21, 2015

LUSH Yog Nog and Reindeer Rock Soaps

I really love LUSH.  I know that they get some flak from people because their products do contain some synthetic ingredients, but the reason I continue to support them is because they are huge advocates for ending animal cruelty (as well as for many other causes!).  My favorite time of year to shop there is during Christmas because they have so many amazing scents, including the Yog Nog and Reindeer Rock soaps.

I bought a bar each of these back in December with a few other products and I meant to post a review but I didn't get around to it.  I'm posting it now because LUSH had a buy one, get one free sale and I scooped up two more bars because they are amazing!

Yog Nog is still available online (in the U.S. store, at least) and is still on BOGO sale.  When I first smelled this soap I was transported to happy place full of sweetness and warm, fuzzy blankets and all of the most delicious candy you could ever want!  It's that good.  Here's the description from the website:
Made with soy yogurt and a dash of festive spice, Yog Nog has that unmistakable creamy texture with a fudgy, spicy blend of clove bud and ylang ylang essential oils to leave skin super soft. We even gave it a generous dusting of aromatic cocoa and nutmeg powder. Just try not to eat it. Because after all, it's still soap.
I love spiced scents, and I love warm scents, and this one is the perfect mixture of both.  I think that it smells like caramel.  It's made with soy yogurt and is vegan, and is dusted with cocoa and nutmeg powder.  As far as lathering goes, if you plan on using this in the shower I would use a bath pouf/loofah with it.  I keep it at my sink to use for handwashing and it doesn't lather up a ton, but there's enough there for it get the job done.

Reindeer Rock is also still available at the BOGO price.  I think this was a new scent this year, but I'm not 100% certain on that.  It was definitely new to me.  It's scented with lingonberries, which I've eaten before but never really noticed the scent of.  Here's the description:
This reindeer-embossed sudser is made with dried lingonberry infusion, and bergamot and cypress oils to uplift and calm your mind and body. As you lather up and prepare for the Christmas rush, breathe deep and let the aroma wash over you, while the embossed reindeer silently reminds you that you can skip the holiday rush and just order everything online.
It smells like sweet berries and is really pleasant.  I love the reindeer design too, it's really cute.  The silver on it is described as "raspberry sparkle dust" on the website.  This soap performs very similarly to Yog Nog; it lathers enough but if you're used to a very rich lather from your soaps, this might take a bit to get used to.  It's worth it for the scent alone, though!

Bottom Line: You can still treat yourself to these soaps at a great price, and I highly recommend that you do so!  I love the scent of both of them, and since they're only around for the holidays I was happy to stock up on more.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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