Sunday, January 18, 2015

January PetBox Review - Snack Box

I bought a voucher for a three month subscription to PetBox back in November, and I thought that this month marked my final box, but my account page says that it expires in February.  Regardless, this was the best month yet!

PetBox has four different box sizes, and this review is for their Snack Box, which is the smallest and cheapest option ($7.95 a month).  You can view all the box options here.  You can choose to have PetBox send you an assortment of items, or you can pick them out yourself.  The Snack Box option comes with 200 points each month that you can use to pick out items from their shop, and they'll also include a surprise treat.  If you choose not use all 200 of the points, whatever is left over will roll over into your next month's shipment.

Another nice feature of PetBox is that you can choose dog and cat treats and toys for the same box.  Some of the other pet subscriptions I've seen are catered to either dogs or cats specifically, so if you have both types of pets you'll have to buy two separate boxes.  I only have a cat, so I picked only cat items.

  • Penny Candy Catnip Toys - Sami got one of these in her first box and went nuts over it, she still plays with it now, so I knew she would love to have two more.  As soon as I got the box I opened up the pink one and gave it to her and she started chewing on it and playing with it right away.
  • Petlinks Fun Beam Laser Pointer - I was excited to give this a try because I thought Sami would love chasing it, but so far she seems pretty uninterested.  She'll follow it with her eyes, but she hasn't yet gotten up to try to chase it or anything.
  • Spot Refillable Catnip Insect - Since she loved the Penny Candy toys so much, I figured this refillable catnip toy would be a great thing to have.  I haven't filled it up yet, but I'm going to as soon as I finish this review.  I have a feeling it'll be a big hit!
  • Cosmic Catnip - This was our surprise snack, which is the same thing we received last month.  I don't mind, though, because Sami loves catnip and this won't go to waste.
Bottom Line: I was able to get four toys for Sami with only 200 points because a few of these items were on clearance, but overall I've found that 200 points is more than enough to pick out one or two good toys and treats.  Plus, PetBox sends the surprise treat so that's one more item to look forward to.  I really like this subscription and would definitely renew my subscription!

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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