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April Snakku Review

Spring is cherry blossom season in Japan, and April's Snakku box celebrates that with sakura-themed snacks! Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossom, and this box did a wonderful job of celebrating the season.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Snakku is a unique Japanese snack box because they feature authentic foods that are only available in Japan. And they really mean it! I fell in love with the Tirolian snacks in January's box and was so bummed when I couldn't find them for sale in the U.S.! They also include more popular snacks, like Pocky, so it's a nice and well-rounded selection.

Boxes cost $38.95 per month, and while that may seem high at first glance, consider that they're sending snacks you can't really get a hold of anywhere else. They also package everything up beautifully and include lots of information about all of the snacks.

Here are the authentic snacks for this month. As you can tell from the pretty pink packaging, there's lots of sakura going on here! The snacks are listed clockwise from top left:
  • Sakura Senbei - These are seasonal senbei (rice crackers) made with real sakura flowers, cooking sake, dried squid, and wheat. I am not a fan of seafood and I could taste the squid right away, so I didn't care for these, but if you aren't seafood-averse like me then I think you'll love these!
  • Sakura Mochi - Mochi are very popular Japanese snacks that are made with a fluffy, jelly-like exterior. These have a sakura blossom and red bean paste filling.
  • Japanese Sake KitKat - These are extremely limited edition KitKats celebrating "Hanami," the Japanese tradition of enjoying the blooming cherry blossoms. They're made with real sake, white chocolate, and wafers (with a .8% alcohol content, so not for kids!).
  • Kobe Sakura Cream Sandwich - These are so good! The wafer is so light and fluffy and the sakura cream is delicious. I wish I had more of these.
  • Morihan Roll Crepe - These cookies are made by Morihan, a tea shop in Kyoto that's been in business since 1836. The pink cookies are made from a mixture of cream and sakura blossoms, and the green is chocolate and premium, hand-picked green tea from Uji Kyoto. I preferred the sweetness of the pink cookies the most, but the green tea ones were great, too!

There was also a really good selection of more widely-available snacks this month!
  • Niigata Salt Senbei - I love savory rice crackers and these were absolutely delicious. They're mini sea salt rice crackers from the rural farm prefecture of Niigata.
  • Kusugai Peach Gummy - These little gummies are popular in Japan, and I can see why! They're delicious and have a really juicy peach flavor.
  • Vegetable Yasai Boro - These are soft wheat cracker balls. The green are spinach and the orange are pumpkin. They're filled with beta-carotene and calcium.
  • Baka Uke Sesame Cracker - I loved these! They're twice-toasted soy sauce rice crackers embedded with baked black sesame seeds. The soy sauce flavor was delicious.
  • Bourbon Green Tea Cookie - These bite-sized matcha cream filled chocolate cookies are made with high-grade green tea from the Uji Kyoto region.

Here are the Sakura Senbei, Morihan Roll Crepe, Sakura Mochi, and Kobe Sakura Cream Sandwich outside of their packaging.
Bottom Line: I loved getting to try these sakura-flavored treats! I think this box had a good mix of savory and sweet snacks and it was fun learning more about the cherry blossom season in Japan. 

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