Wednesday, February 8, 2017

December Sticker Swaps Review and 50% Off Coupon

If you're a fan of stickers but not necessarily looking for sticker sheets geared towards a younger crowd, Sticker Swaps is a really fun subscription I think you'll enjoy! Their December package had a lot of great stickers in it.

*Disclaimer: This package was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

If you're wondering why I'm posting a December review in February, it's because I received this package in mid-January and had some other reviews to complete ahead of it. Anyway, I'm thinking that this got delayed due to the Christmas mail rush in December, especially since it ships from the UK and I live in the US. That being said, the package I reviewed in November got to me really quickly.

Sticker Swaps sends an envelope of high-quality stickers from around the world starting at $9.99 per month. They also have three-month prepay at $27.99 and six-month prepay for $53.99. Shipping is free worldwide.

These are the loose stickers that were included in December's envelope, and as you can see in the lower left hand corner of the photo there's also a smaller label with a link to more information about the artists. Sili Sunglasses is the December sponsor whom they partnered with after Sili heard about them online.

The other stickers are super random but that's what I love about Sticker Swaps. I immediately noticed the Siamese cat because I have a Siamese cat, and I also loved the Pokemon and Zootopia ones. The Green Lantern one is pretty funny and the Troll and Spiderman are cute, too (Spiderman is cute because it's small).

There was also a separate envelope with five featured stickers inside, which was a new addition since November's shipment (read my review of that here).
  • The Cloud Artist Cloud - Sticker Swaps came across The Cloud Artist on Instagram and he was happy to be involved. The iconic cloud sticker was sent with this shipment, but he supplied many more stickers for future envelopes, too.
  • Kawaii Krissy Candy Bar - Kawaii Krissy is another Instagrammer with kawaii (cute) illustrations. She has many more stickers available for purchase at her online store.
  • David Millar Astro Nana - David is a sticker artist and stationery geek, and once the Sticker Swaps team saw his Astro Nana design they had to have it for this set!
  • Live Design Co. Tree - Jay at Live Design Co. was featured in last month's shipment as well. I really like the simple, nature-inspired sticker this month.
  • Sena Kaito Girl - Sena Kaito's illustrations have a kawaii/manga vibe, as evidenced by this sticker. I like the retro feel of it, too.
Also, turns out the Troll in the first photo is a bonus sticker from Stabby Gabby, which was picked because it was perfect for Christmas!
Bottom Line: I really enjoyed this envelope from Sticker Swaps. I think they featured some great artists this month and the extra stickers were a lot of fun, too.

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