Saturday, November 29, 2014

November Nicely Noted Review

It's the holiday season, and for a lot of people that means it's time to send out Christmas cards.  I know I usually only send cards around this time, but I think it's important to send handwritten communication all year round.  There's something special about getting a real card in the mail, and Nicely Noted makes that fun and easy to do!

For only $20 a month, Nicely Noted will send you three gorgeous letterpress cards for all different occasions.  Your package will also include three stamps.  I'm always impressed by how beautiful the cards are, and they're lightyears better than any generic ones you'll find at the store.

November's collection is aptly titled "Thanks," and it has cards from Thimblepress, Odd Daughter, and Hammerpress.  Letterpress cards are so pretty, and these designs are unique and colorful!

"Pic-A-Nic" is by Hammerpress from Kansas City, Missouri.  It's about 3x5" and blank on the inside, so it's great for those times when you need an all-purpose card.  I love the blue colors; the design overall reminds me of icicles and is apropos for the winter.

The "Many Thanks" card is by Odd Daughter from San Diego, California.  It's simple and cute, and also blank on the inside.  I like that most of the cards from Nicely Noted are blank on the inside, I prefer being able to write my own message without having to worry about a corny saying on the inside.

My favorite card of the bunch is "Owls Well" by Thimblepress from Jackson, Mississippi because I love owls.  The text is somewhat specific, but I think you could use this as a thank you or a congratulatory card (or even just to say hi).

Bottom Line: November's Nicely Noted package was another wonderfully curated collection.  I loved all three designs and can't wait to send them to my friends and family!

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Nicely Noted. Press samples received for review purposes.


  1. I love the first card. The owl as well though I would probably like an owl with a more general message!

    1. I love the first one, too. Really simple but beautiful!


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