Wednesday, November 23, 2011

FABulous Finds!

I'm really excited about this post, because part of this review is about one of my favorite flash sale sites!

In the mail today I received all of the things in the above photo: a Pocket P'Owl t-shirt and Moe Snoe.Down print, both by Strawberry Luna. I ordered both items from, my absolute favorite flash sale site ever. I signed up before they launched and I'm never disappointed by all of the great merchandise they feature. Everything from clothing to prints to books to, seriously, everything! I highly suggest signing up.
I ordered this merch during their Strawberry Luna sale, and got it all for only $8.95 because I had racked up a bunch of credits for referring people. I'm now a Prime Member there and have earned a total of $145 credits, and I have free shipping for two months. If you're interested in checking out Fab (they operate like all of the other flash sale sites, featuring merch for about two days at highly discounted prices), here's my referral link.

But on to the items -- love them. The Moe poster is adorable. I don't even listen to Moe, but I thought this print was so cute. I'm going to frame it and hang it up in my room. The tshirt fits perfectly and has a soft cotton feel (it's an American Apparel "Track Shirt"). I'm very pleased with both items.

All of those other trinkets were sent to me for one of two reasons -- either Allison, the owner of Strawberry Luna, sends those out with all of her orders, or she threw in some fun surprises for me because I had a hiccup in my delivery. I had placed this order back in the beginning of October, and had received confirmation of shipment a week or so after. But, here it is in November and I had no items and the tracking website said my package had never even been scanned.

I first reached out to, who said that they would contact the vendor (Allison). They didn't hear anything from her. So I contacted her myself, and she was very quick to respond. Turns out that some of her orders weren't scanned by the delivery company, but that they were still delivered safely. All except for mine, apparently. She apologized and quickly sent me a package with my items, which arrived in about 3 days. She even wrote me a note, which I thought was very nice.

Bottom Line: I am in love with both and Strawberry Luna! Allison's designs are so cute, and she has tons of different things available for purchase. I highly recommend visiting her website (linked in the first paragraph). She also has an Etsy shop. All in all, a great haul!

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