Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Food Interlude: Candy!

All of you Birchbox-ers out there will be familiar with at least one of the products in this food interlude: the Chuao Chocolatier Firecracker bar; I'll start this candy-centric review out with that!

I was kind of jealous of the people who received a Chuao Firecracker ChocoPod in their Birchbox for November because I love chocolate! My "treat" were the Two Paper Dolls coasters...they're cute, but I can't eat them. The Firecracker bar sounded so amazingly delicious, too: as you can tell from in the photo above, it's a "Dark chocolate bar with chipotle, salt, and popping candy." That might sound disgusting to some, but oh goodness--they are absolutely delicious! I am usually not a dark chocolate fan, but the chipotle and the popping candy balance out the bitter taste of the chocolate. The popping candies are so fun, and you get a nice chipotle flavor when you swallow the chocolate. It's definitely not a bar I could eat all at once, though, since the chipotle does get a bit strong (at least, for my tastes). I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes spicy-ish foods, or candies that are a bit out of the ordinary!

The second bar, the one under the Chuao, is the Willy Wonka Triple Dazzle Caramel Bar. I bought them both at Wegmans, which is a nirvana of all grocery stores here in the Western New York area (they've expanded a bit along the east coast down to Virginia, too). I grabbed the Wonka bar because I figured that if I didn't like the Chuao, I would at least have a caramel bar to satisfy my chocolate craving. I'm glad I bought both, because they were both delicious. The Wonka bar is a pretty standard milk chocolate and caramel mixture, but its simplicity is what makes it wonderful. This is definitely the bar for the less-adventurous chocolate types.

The Wonka bar cost me $1.79, and the Chuao was $4.49 (they're $6 in the Birchbox shop, with free shipping for November). If you don't feel like waiting to have chocolate shipped to you but want to try the Chuao bar, I'd suggest checking out your local grocery store first. Or perhaps a store with higher-end foods.

Last but not least are these little cuties: Milkita Strawberry Milk Candy. I also bought these at Wegmans, but on a different shopping trip. I wanted to save the review until I had more foods to bundle with it. The whole bag (3.2 oz) only cost me something like $1.25 for 30 candies. The company is from Indonesia, I believe, and I picked these up in the International Foods section. I usually like Asian candies because they have cute packaging (each individual candy has the cow doing a different pose) and yummy sweets. These are no different! They basically taste like a strawberry creamsicle, or one of those Lifesavers Creamsavers. Don't let the "milk" part freak you out (unless you don't like the flavor of/are allergic to milk), because the combination totally works.

Bottom Lines:
  • Chuao Chocolatier Firecracker: Delicious! Spicy! A little pricier, but definitely worth the indulgence once in a while. I don't recommend it to people who are more sensitive to spicy foods, though.
  • Willy Wonka Triple Dazzle Caramel Bar: A milk chocolate bar filled with caramel, for simplistic chocolate lovers. Inexpensive and yummy.
  • Milkita Strawberry Milk Candy: Adorable packaging, affordable, and great flavor!

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