Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Savannah Bee "Goodness All Over" V-Day Gift Set Review and Giveaway

Valentine's Day is coming up in a week and a half, and Savannah Bee Co. has a bunch of amazing gift sets for you to spoil someone with (and that someone can be yourself, too)!

Savannah Bee Co. kindly sent me their Goodness All Over gift set to review.  It's packed with four full-sized products:
  • Royal Jelly Body Butter (6.7 oz) -  Give yourself a Royal Treatment with our super rich formula that combines royal jelly and other hive treasures as well as skin-quenching butters and essential oils.
  • Beeswax Hand Cream (3.4 oz) - Beeswax and royal jelly replenish and nourish skin with essential nutrients direct from the hive.
  • Wild Blackberry Honey Body Lotion (8 fl oz) - Experience a luxurious, long-lasting everyday lotion for silky skin! Honey naturally repairs, rejuvenates, and softens your skin.
  • Adam Turoni's Dark Chocolate Honey Praline Truffles (7 truffles) - Adam is a renown chocolatier residing in Savannah, Georgia. I can try to describe these truffles but please understand that there really are no words! This truffle might just represent the most absolutely perfect flavor combination. Premium soft dark chocolate covering fresh roasted hazelnuts and dusted with powdered sugar. The best of the best!
Savannah Bee Co. was founded by Ted Dennard, who is their President and head beekeeper.  Ted's interest in bees was sparked by Roy Hightower, an elderly beekeeper, and he's been at it for the last 35 years.  Their products are derived from treasured hive ingredients: beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, and honey.  They are also cruelty-free.

The company also supports the Bee Cause Project, which aims to stimulate curiosity in young people about the importance of honey bees.  Bees are on the decline due to various environmental factors, so it's important for everyone to embrace them and care about their well-being.  The Bee Cause Project has installed hives in 1,000 schools to help educate students and the communities they live in!

Now, onto the products!  My favorite item in the set is definitely the Beeswax Hand Cream.  It is so luxurious and incredibly helpful for these dry winter months.  My hands, especially my cuticles, are very dry during this time of the year and I'm always reaching for hand creams to help keep them moisturized.  This cream is nice and thick but still has a silky smooth texture, and it absorbs quickly into the skin.  It has a very light fragrance that is slightly floral.  It's also free of parabens and petroleum-derived ingredients.

The Royal Jelly Body Butter is like the hand cream, except it's (obviously) for all over.  Royal Jelly is the most precious product of the hive; it's the "Cinderella" substance that turns a worker bee into a queen!  It's full of vitamins, proteins, lipids, and sugars that nourish and deeply moisturize the skin while also improve its elasticity.  This has a stronger scent than the hand cream, and it reminds me of a sweet candy.

The Wild Blackberry Honey Body Lotion smells divine!  I love sweet lotions, and this one smells nice and fruity without being too cloying or artificial in any way.  This is the thinnest of the three skincare products, but it's just as effective.  It spreads easily over the skin and has the same smooth texture as the hand cream and body butter.

I have to admit that I have not yet tried the Hazelnut Honey Praline Truffles by Adam Turoni because I'm abstaining from processed sugars for the next 10 days!  It's killing me that I can't try them, because they sound absolutely delicious.  They're filled with a hazelnut chocolate puree and finished with a liquid center of the Savannah Bee Co.'s winter white honey.

Bottom Line: The Goodness All Over Valentine's Gift Set would make a wonderful gift for someone special.  I am thoroughly impressed by all of these products and would recommend them to everyone, especially those of you who live in cold climates like me!  It's a great way to indulge this Valentine's Day.

Savannah Bee Co. has also kindly offered one of these gift sets to one of my readers!  Since the giveaway will end after the 6th you may not receive it in time for Valentine's Day, but you can still treat yourself (or someone else)!  Enter below.  The giveaway is open to U.S, residents aged 18+.  Please see the Rafflecopter form for full terms and conditions.


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