Sunday, December 14, 2014

December Fabletics Review + 50% Off Your First Outfit

I decided to give Fabletics a try since I've been working out more recently and I had extra money to spend thanks to my quarterly bonus from work.  I've always been interested in the subscription, but didn't purchase anything prior to now because it wasn't one that I absolutely had to have.

Fabletics is a part of the JustFab family and works the same way: when you become a VIP, you'll get to purchase an outfit at special pricing each month.  You can skip any month you'd like.  Outfits range in price from $49.95 to $89.95, depending on how many pieces there are and the complexity of the outfit.  The price tag had been another deterrent for me; I usually just get my workout gear from stores like Old Navy for much cheaper prices.  But since you can get your first outfit for 50% off when you sign up I decided it was worth a try.

I was surprised by the packaging, it comes in a flimsy mailer instead of a box.  I guess I just assumed it would come in a box because that's what I'm used to with subscription services.  The clothes weren't damaged or anything so I didn't mind.  Each piece was individually wrapped in plastic.  All together this outfit cost me $29.92 ($24.97 + $4.95 shipping).

I chose the "Sheen" outfit, which came with the Oula Tank.  It's very lightweight and great for cardio since the fabric is so breathable.  I chose the gray color because the capris I chose are much louder, so I wanted a simple tank to go with them.  I got a medium, but I'm used to loose-fitting tanks, and this one is more skin tight.  I would prefer a looser fit, but not so much that I'm going to return this,

I loved the fun design on the Camacan Capris, and they were the main reason why I chose this outfit.  The color scheme I picked was "Black/Chevron Print" and I got them in a size small.  When I buy capris from Victoria's Secret I get their small, so I assumed that the sizes would be similar.  I was wrong!  These are pretty tight, but not completely unwearable.  I'm on the fence about whether or not I'm going to exchange these for a medium.  Exchanges are free, I just don't know if I want to wait to send these back and get a new pair.
  • Visit Fabletics and sign up for a VIP membership, your first outfit will be 50% off if you purchase within 24 hours.
Bottom Line: I like this Fabletics outfit, but I don't think I will be purchasing another one any time soon.  The clothes are good quality, but they aren't better than what I was currently buying for half the price.  I'm glad I could get this outfit for only $24.97, but I would definitely not have paid full price for it.  Fabletics does come out with new designs each month, though, so if you're active and always looking for new workout clothes, this subscription would probably be great for you!

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