Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December PetBox Review

Sami's second PetBox came and this time I decided to choose the treats inside.  I didn't realize that this was an option when I first signed up, but each month you get points to spend in the shop and you can use them to choose what will be in the box.  I had 200 points to spend, and I used 180 of them.  The extra 20 will rollover into next month's box.

I was surprised that this box was bigger than last month's, but obviously it just depends on the size of the items you pick (or that are picked for you).  I actually thought that the shipment had gotten lost at first, since the tracking info said it was delivered but there was no box at my door.  Turns out FedEx had dropped it off at my apartment's leasing office, which is something they'd never done before.  I was glad that they ensured safe delivery by leaving it there, though.

I liked the big sticker they put on the packaging; I don't remember having one last time.  I also like the writing on the inside of the box.  Even though I just end up recycling these boxes, I do like when they have a fun design.

Another thing I learned about PetBox was that each box purchased helps a rescue pet!  I looked on the website to find more information, but there's no exact information about how the purchases help.  They do have special boxes for fundraisers and giveaways for shelters, and I'm assuming that a portion of subscription purchases is donated to shelters.

I picked out two items for Sami, and the box came with a surprise third.
  • Nibble-Licious Cat Grass Kit - Cats love chewing on grass and it's great for their digestion.  Since Sami is an indoor cat and it's winter, that means no grass.  I got this for her because I thought it was a really neat idea.
  • My Little Lion Cat Treats in Duck Hunter Recipe - There is no such thing as a treat that Sami won't enjoy, so it's hard for me to say whether or not these would please a finicky cat.  I have a feeling that they would, since they're made with real meat and are grain free.  They also only cost 70 in PetBox points, so they were fairly cheap for how much is inside the bag!
  • Cosmic Catnip - I actually had this exact catnip in the fridge when this box arrived, but it's always good to have more.  I've been trying to get Sami to use her scratching post instead of the furniture by sprinkling some of this on top of it, but so far she still prefers my chair.
Bottom Line: PetBox is a really affordable subscription (boxes start at $7.95).  This review is for the Snack box, which is the cheapest option.  I like that you can choose your items or get a surprise box, and I also like that you can order items for cats and dogs in the same box.

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