Friday, December 12, 2014

December Wantable Accessories Review

I've reviewed the Wantable Makeup Box in the past (read my review), and I've always wanted to try one of their other offerings (they have Accessories, Intimates, and Fitness boxes).  I decided to give the Accessories box a try when they offered 50% off of your first box.

Wantable costs $36 a month, or you can do a one-time purchase for $40.  The Fitness box works a little bit differently, and you can read about that here if you so choose.  I picked the Accessories box to try because I don't really need intimates, but I love getting scarves and other fun things to dress up my outfits so I figured this would be fun to try.

When the box arrived I was surprised at how small it was, it's much smaller than what I remember the makeup box being.  I could also just be completely making that up, since it's been a while since I reviewed the makeup box.  I was afraid that there wouldn't be a scarf inside, but my worry ended up being in vain!

This gorgeous Lisa Scarf in Red/White is so perfect for Rochester winters!  It's an infinity scarf that's super thick and soft, and I love the red and white pattern.  I posted a picture of what it looks like on on my Instagram account, which you can view here.  The only slight complaint I have is that it's not as long as I'm used to when it comes to infinity scarves, so when you loop it around twice it's very snug to the neck.  I suppose that's good for winter, though, since it will definitely keep you warm.

I also received two pairs of earrings and a watch.  I wish I had put necklaces under my "love" category on my profile since I prefer them over earrings, but I can always do that for my next box.
  • Kylee Earrings in Silver - These are the red and crystal earrings in the top left of the photo.  I normally don't wear earrings that are this style--I like studs, but usually I pick things that are much more simple.  Even though these have more bling factor than what I would normally wear I still like them quite a bit.  I think they're really pretty and the red is great for Christmas!
  • Christy Earrings - At first glance I didn't care for these earrings and I considered posting them for swap, but today on a whim I decided to wear them and I ended up liking them a lot more than I originally thought I would.  The shape is a bit odd to me, but I liked that they were bold enough to stand out but that they weren't too gaudy or obnoxious.
  • Miranda Watch in Gold - I currently don't have a watch and have been considering buying one, so this came at a good time!  It's definitely more of a "fashion" style, but I like it a lot.  The gold hardware against the black is my style, and I like that it's something I could wear everyday without looking to flashy.
Here's what my profile selection looked like:

  • Visit Wantable to learn more and subscribe
Bottom Line: I was very happy with my first Wantable Accessories box, especially considering it only cost me $18 for four items.  The scarf is my favorite, and I'll get good use out of the watch and the earrings.  Next time I think I'll shuffle around the items in my "Love" category and hopefully get some necklaces.

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  1. I love Wantable so much! Their profile system is so great, too. That scarf you got is gorgeous and so perfect for December!

    1. It's definitely one of the best profile systems I've ever come across with a subscription. Now I want to subscribe to the Makeup Box, too!

  2. I love the scarf! I'm not sure if the rest of this box is to my taste, but I'm sure I'd get different stuff after filling out the profile. :)

    1. The scarf really won me over, it is SO warm and fluffy! I love, love, love it. The earrings are just okay, but I'm looking forward to seeing what else I get when I mix up the answers on my style profile. I'm sure you'd be able to get some styles you liked.


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