Thursday, December 11, 2014

Whip Smart: Lola Montez Stars a Revolution Review

I don't often post book reviews here, but I've always been an avid reader.  I love reading all different types of books, from military history nonfiction to fantasy and science fiction novels.  One genre I've always enjoyed, even since I was a kid, is historical fiction.  Whip Smart: Lola Montez Stars a Revolution by Kit Brennan fits perfectly into that category and is a really fun read!

The Whip Smart series is based on the life of Eliza Gilbert, a young dancer who became Lola Montez.  She was known as "The Sensation of Europe" and charmed her way into different seats of power during the 19th century.  Lola Montez Starts a Revolution is the third book in this series.

Kit Brennan was inspired by Lola Montez's story and wanted to tell of her real-life adventures to the modern audience.  She was a strong, independent woman, the type of character who always makes for an interesting read.  In this book, Lola has perfected her Spanish dance and is using her moves to her full advantage.  She travels through Europe seducing men, including King Ludwig I of Bavaria (or Luis, as she comes to know him as).

But the book isn't just about Lola's romances; while she is having her affair with Luis she becomes the target of a witch hunt.  Now she's faced with the challenge of saving herself and the man she loves, since the city becomes entrenched in social upheaval at the same time.  

I thought this book was a really great read!  Kit Brennan does a great job of pulling you in to Lola's story, and she quickly establishes her protagonist as a feisty heroine that the reader can really root for.  I found Lola to be intelligent and relatable, even though on the surface she's much more adventurous than I am!  What I could relate to was her strong personality--she uses her beauty to charm the men around her, but she's also incredibly "Whip Smart" and is in control of herself and her surroundings.
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Bottom Line: I would say that this book would make a great beach read, but it's winter and here in Rochester we don't go to the beach when it's snowing.  So instead, I'll say it's a great book to cozy up with on a cold night!  It's an entertaining page-turner and I think all readers will be able to cheer for Lola.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  Press sample received for review purposes.

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