Tuesday, December 2, 2014

JustFab Review - January Boots

I made my first purchase through JustFab in October; I was initially attracted to their buy two for $39.95 sale (I think that was it), but I ended up getting something not included in the sale.  I was able to get my first pair of shoes for only $19.95 within the first 24 hours of signing up, so I opted for that since nothing in the two for $39.95 section really caught my eye.

JustFab is essentially a subscription, but it's a little different than your average box-a-month service. For $39.95 a month you can choose a pair of shoes, a handbag, clothing, or accessories from their website.  A stylist creates a showroom for you with picks based on how you rated other items (and what you requested to see for the next month), but you can choose to purchase anything from the site for the VIP price.  You can also skip any month that you want.

I think $39.95 is a pretty good price for a pair of boots, which is what I was in the market for.  Also, shipping is free for orders over $39 within the contiguous U.S.  I probably won't purchase anything from JustFab more than a few times a year, but since you can skip as many times as you want I don't mind keeping my VIP membership going.

I picked the January boots because I loved them as soon as I saw them!  They're 100% my style.  I even showed them to my friend Linze and told her I was thinking about buying them and she said they were definitely me.  I love the foldover faux fur detailing and the brown color.  I also like flat boots--there was a time in my life when I wore only heels, but now I prefer to be able to actually walk without having to worry about wobbling.  I actually wanted to get these in black, but they were sold out in my size (I purchase a size 6).

Bottom Line: Overall I'm impressed with JustFab's selection.  A lot of the shoe and handbag styles definitely aren't for me, but there are enough that are to keep me interested.  The quality is good, but not stellar.  They're pretty much worth what you pay for in terms of how well they're made.

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  1. Very cute! I didn't realize you could skip months - that makes me more interested in this subscription. I like shoes but I definitely don't need a new pair every month.

  2. Being able to skip is definitely a plus. I like that they have purses and other accessories for sale too, so even if you don't want shoes that month you might find something else you want/need.


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